Fundraising Tips for Crew

Here are a few useful tips when it comes to fundraising for the ride.

How much do I need to raise?

How do I raise funds?

Each crew member (support team) is asked to raise as much as possible, but it is not a requirement. We just ask crew to remember every dollar collected does make a difference to someone needing HIV/AIDS services.

If you have never raised funds before, It may seem like a scary amount. You will be surprised how individuals respond to you when you tell them what you are doing and that you need their “help” in achieving your goal. The most popular fundraising techniques that our riders use are:

  • Send an Email/letter to family & friends (remember you might have to ask a few times for the procrastinators)
  • Raise funds as part of a team
  • Use used social media like Facebook and Twitter to let your friends know
  • Throw a party, be creative and have fun and people will give
  • Partner with a local business to do a raffle or outreach event
  • See if your company has a corporate match for charity events
  • Work with local benefiting agency for opportunities to raise funds

You just need a plan, enthusiasm, passion and never forgetting why you got involved, always keeping in mind the personal physical challenge, and never forgetting the memory of those who have passed from HIV/AIDS If you have specific questions about how to raise your pledges, you can work with the local agency, send a note to us (, or chat with the rider representative that is assigned to you. Also check out 120 Ways to Reach Your Target for some creative fund raising ideas SmartRideGroup.

Don’t be afraid to ask, as the old adage goes “those who do not ask, do not receive”. You will surprised how willing friends, business associates and family will want to help you make a difference. Tell them your story, point them to your home page.

—The SMART Ride Team